Building Energy Efficiency

EnUp is an engineering company specializing in high energy-efficient buildings design and realization and in buildings intelligent energy management

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EnUp - Efficienza energetica degli edifici
Edificio sottoposto a diagnosi energetica con termografia

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and comfort represent today's buildings key aspects. We take care to build high energi-efficient buildings, even through LEED standards and certification, dynamic simulation modelling (DSM) and performance monitoring

Progettista che progetta secondo i valori della sostenibilità e dell'efficienza energetica

Energy audit

The energy audit includes a series of surveys and analysis aimed to understand a building energy consumptions and eventually to evaluate the possibilities for a renovation that would reduce energy consumptions and costs. Since December 2015 a energy audit is mandatory for large companies in the E.U. (Directive 2012/27/EU). Contact us to learn more

Architetti ed ingegneri uniti per una progettazione integrata

Multidisciplinar and integrated design

In Enup we believe that a multidisciplinary and integrated strategy gives the possibility to link the energy efficiency to the quality of design. Design integrated between architect and engineer allows to optimize and save time.



Simulazione dinamicadi un edificio con IDA ICE

BPS - Building simulation performance

For our business we use the building energy simulation, both for energy audits and energy efficiency projects. With this kind of software it is possible to estimate accurately the thermo-physical behaviour, with an accuracy that takes into account buildings performance during every day of the year

Logo del software di simulazione dinamica IDA ICE

Software IDA ICE

For our consultancy and project design we use IDA ICE Software. The program features advanced functionalities and customizations and it is a software that gets constantly upgraded

Corsi ed assistenza software di simulazione dinamica IDA ICE

Courses and assistance

We are the official Italian resellers of EQUA Simulation AB's IDA ICE software. Besides, we organize training courses in the main Italian cities and we provide consultancy and assistance for IDA ICE Italian customers. IDA ICE software is used worldwide by design firms, consultants and construction companies