EnUp Activities and consultancy

Project design, engineering consultancy for energy efficiency, assistance with professional building simulation, performance monitoring.

The way to build and renovate the buildings has changed: the attention to the energetic and environmental comfort has become a priority. EnUp works in this context, in a global market, for different kinds of customers: private customers, property managers, public administrations.

Main activities:

  • Energy audit: consumption analysis of existing buildings, also of historical buildings
  • Energy project design: design and consultancy for new buildings and renovation
  • Building dynamic simulation: software and consultancy
  • LEED consultancy: consultancy, dynamic energy simulation
  • Real Estate Due Diligence: document and administrative analysis, compliance verification with current regulations

Energy audit

Energy audit includes several activities that deal with analysis and evaluation, in terms of quality and quantity, for buildings energy consumption. The purpose is often to determinate the best interventions for proper energy upgrading.

Building dynamic simulation

The building dynamic simulation allows, through the aid of an advanced software, to precisely define the hygrothermal phenomena (temperature and humidity) and the energy requirements (heating demand, cooling, etc.) of a building. With the building dynamic simulation it is possible to precisely know, before to build or to renovate a building, how the environmental conditions will influence every single room. For its design, analysis and consultancy activities, EnUp srl uses the dynamic simulation software IDA ICE. Moreover we are resellers of the software, we organize training courses and assistance in Italy.
More information about IDA ICE.

LEED Consultancy

LEED certification is the world most developed and known environmental certification protocol. The LEED was created in the US but it is quickly spreading to other countries, in Europe and Asia. By assigning a quality level that goes from standard to platinum, it allows to give value to the buildings that have been built considering the environmental sustainability, energy saving, rooms comfort, a proper water management and other quality indicators.

We design and realize LEED buildings both for customers and as consultants for other building design studios.

Real Estate Due Diligence

Buildings are very complex organisms. For this reason, at some point of their lives a thorough analysis of their state is needed. The Real Estate Due Diligence is a survey of the technical and administrative documentation, facilities conditions, building envelope and structure and other aspects that allow to know the actual state of a building.

We conduct Real Estete Due Diligence for individuals and companies, especially for sales of real estate complexes.

Energy improvements

We renovate the buildings with operations that allow the greatest savings and high environmental comfort. Today, finally, technologies and regulations are very beneficial to whom it may choose to save on buildings energy consumption .